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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Lachie Bonney (Exercise Physiologist – Burnie)

Extensive research over many years indicates strong benefits of exercise before, during and after cancer treatment. This includes making positive changes to treatment related side effects, as well as improvements in physical, functional and psychological outcomes.

With increasing success of cancer treatment, there are now more people living with the ongoing side effects of treatment. These side effects may include fatigue, physical function, depression/anxiety, lymphedema, reduced bone health, poor sleep, and lower quality of life, among many others.

All of these side effects have been shown to be improved through individualised exercise as prescribed by an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist.

Chemotherapy has been shown to have detrimental effects of cardiac function know as cardiotoxicity. Up to 15 years of cardiac function can be lost during chemotherapy treatment which is typically within a 3-month time period. This heart health trajectory during chemotherapy can be changed through targeted and measured exercise prescription by a professional.

If you would like to know more about how exercise can benefit in cancer treatment, contact Coastal Physiotherapy’s Burnie clinic on 64314586.