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Physio Myths Debunked

Physio Myths Debunked

Myths about Physiotherapy – Debunked

Sarah Cowgill (Physiotherapist – Burnie)

  1. You need a referral to see a Physiotherapist

False – Physiotherapists are primary health care practitioners and therefore a referral is not needed (unless a worker’s compensation or MAIB client). Call our Burnie clinic now on 64314586 to make an appointment.


  1. A Physiotherapist will only give me exercises

False – As Physiotherapists we complete a comprehensive assessment and provide you with a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. Treatment can include soft tissue therapy (massage), joint mobilisations, education, taping, gait correction, dry needling and exercises. Treatment is a combination of different modalities which are decided by the Physiotherapist to best treat your condition. Exercises are one modality that give great results because a large percentage of the people we see lack adequate strength and mobility.

  1. I can’t have Physiotherapy while in a moon boot or cast

False – As Physiotherapist’s we see a lot of people who are required to wear a moon boot or cast to best protect their injury. During this time there are still benefits from having Physiotherapy such as education, massage, exercises for unaffected body parts as these too get weak e.g. (knee exercises post ankle fracture) and possibly movement exercises to the injured area. We implement these treatments in line with the specialists’ regulations (i.e. Orthopaedic Registrar and/or Surgeon)


  1. I’ve had my injury for 10 years – Physiotherapy won’t help me

False- Here at Coastal Physiotherapy we treat a lot of people with chronic conditions. Usually during this time people have become deconditioned and have some sensitisation (heightened pain receptors) to the injured area. We work closely with our Exercise Physiologists to correct these issues. Treatment may involve some hands-on therapy with a lot of emphasis on pain education and reconditioning the injured body site. In some cases other areas of the body will also require reconditioning.

  1. Aren’t Physiotherapists the same as massage therapists

False – Massage is just one modality we use to treat injuries along with joint mobilisation, position and load education, taping, dry needling, stretches and exercise provision. Physiotherapists are also highly trained to provide you with a diagnosis for your problem which then guides appropriate treatment.

  1. Seeing a Physiotherapist will cure me in one session

Injuries to the body are part of a complex pathophysiological system. While we can guide you on the best way to fix an injury and speed up the process to a degree, we still need to allow the body to heal itself which can take time. As Physiotherapists we facilitate the natural healing of your body to ensure the best recovery afterwards while giving you the tools to self-manage and reduce future injury risk.

  1. I’m having surgery for my injury – I do not require Physiotherapy

Pre-habilitation prior to surgery has found to improve the recovery process post-surgery. Pre-habilitation involves providing education and exercises to prepare your body for surgery. Often if you are strong and in good condition prior to surgery you will have a better outcome after.  Call our Burnie clinic on 64314586 to make an appointment prior to your upcoming surgery.


For any further information on how Physiotherapy can help contact us on 6434586. We offer Physiotherapy services at both the Burnie and Somerset clinics.