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Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Scott Willis (Physiotherapist – Somerset)

  • Do you get sore at work?
  • Do you feel that your computer set up is not right for you?
  • Have you thought about getting an adjustable standing desk?
  • Does your workplace do any manual handling training?
  • Has your workplace ever thought about getting a Physio onsite for treatments?
  • Does your workplace do Pre-Employment Assessments?

Coastal Physiotherapy can help you with all these issues!

Over a 1/3 of all workplace injuries and diseases were associated with body stressing or manual handling cases in Australia according to Worksafe Australia. Coastal Physiotherapy can reduce these injuries and the felling of soreness and fatigue at your workplace by providing the following:

  • Task specific Manual Handling Training:

Coastal Physiotherapy can provide an interactive manual handling program specific to the jobs and tasks performed at work. This type of training will be practical, hands on, entertaining, and one that staff will be talking about in the workplace. You will perform and practice the duties that you normally undertake in your workplace and learn how to do them more effectively and efficiently aiming to reduce your chances of injury or pain.

  • Ergonomic Assessments

Coastal Physiotherapy can assess and ensure that your workplace is set up specifically for you to allow for you to work with less stress on the muscles and joints in your body. We can evaluate and recommend specific exercises and stretches or other equipment that you may require like a standing desk or an in-line document holder.

  • Task Analysis of job roles:

Coastal Physiotherapy can assess the job tasks that you do at work and break the actions and energy required to perform your job. This can then be used if any staff are injured to provide to the Doctor to make an informed decision on what you can do once back at work. Coastal Physiotherapy can also design a pre employment assessment from this task analysis that will test specifically what the job demands require. It will screen the staff and ensure that have the physical requirements of the job tasks that they will need to perform.

  • Onsite Physiotherapy:

Many companies are seeking Coastal Physiotherapy to come onto the worksite and provide Physiotherapy treatment to their employees. This reduces time away from work and reduces the aches and pains of the employee. Onsite Physiotherapy can also reduce workplace incidents and can be a good resource for the workplace to assess any issues that may arise on site.

  • Specific Injury Presentations:

Coastal Physiotherapy can provide specific presentations on injuries or areas of concern within the workplace. This might be presentations to tool-box meetings on shoulder, back, neck or knee injuries or specific exercises to reduce the likelihood of injury. It could be specific exercises to improve the strength and agility within the workforce aiming to reduce pain, stiffness and injury.

So if you are seeking the best advice for workplace health and safety, see Scott at Coastal Physiotherapy’s Somerset clinic or phone 64314586 to discuss the best options for you!