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Who to Trust for Exercise Advice

Who to Trust for Exercise Advice

Do you Know How to Exercise Right?

Jarrod Wilson (Exercise Physiologist – Burnie)

It can be confusing, and sometimes overwhelming, to know who to turn to when seeking advice on exercise.

Whether you are exercising for fitness or strength goals, weight loss, mental health, a chronic condition, or for injury rehabilitation, there is often an ‘expert’ just around the corner willing to give you their take on what you should be doing! There is also a plethora of information online that is accessible at just a click away, and recent studies show that a majority of people use online information to assist their exercise needs/goals.

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So how do you know who to believe and who to consult about the safest and most effective exercise for you?

The answer is simple in theory – it should be the most qualified professional that has spent the most time studying exercise. In short this is an accredited Exercise Physiologist.

With the emergence of ‘influencers’ on social media platforms who readily hand out exercise ‘advice’, you have to ask yourself the question “are they qualified to provide advice?” and “should I be trusting what they are saying?”. If they can produce evidence of a University qualification, or a personal trainer certificate at minimum, then you can be more confident in their opinions on exercise. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to exercise, and so there should also be consideration for your own unique exercise circumstances and needs.

Unfortunately here at Coastal Physiotherapy, we have in the past seen patients who have previously made the decision to consult an ‘expert’ (a neighbour, a friend, someone else under-qualified in the field of exercise) for advice, only to have their condition worsen, an injury brought on, or other undesirable consequences incurred.

We bring this blog to you, not as a business plug, but rather a recommendation that you should be consulting the most qualified exercise professional for advice. It really is that simple, and it is in your best interests to do so. So please do your research and make an informed decision the next time you seek advice on exercise.

For any information about how you may benefit from exercise, please give Coastal Physiotherapy’s Burnie clinic a call on 64314586.